Friday, August 26, 2011

39th Annual Alternative Cancer Therapies Convention

IMPORTANT  NOTICE:  Alternative Therapies Cancer Convention
Please forward this to anyone diagnosed with cancer who would like to know the options to conventional cancer therapies. It takes place this weekend, Sept. 3,4,5 in Los Angeles.

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Everyone knows that sugar is bad for you, but many think that avoiding sugar is just a weight-loss choice. Even though sugar does contribute to obesity, many don’t realize how much it affects your mind and immune system. In recent studies sugar has been linked to certain cancers, allergies, ADHD, autism and bowel diseases such as IBD.
This eye-opening article from the Weston A. Price Foundation offers a comprehensive view on:
  • The effects of refined sugars on kids and adults
  • The vast amount of diseases and disorders associated with excessive sugar intake
  • The addictive nature of refined sugar
  • Ways to cut down on your intake
  • Healthy alternatives to sugar
Weston A. Price Foundation- Zapping Sugar Cravings
I want to know about your take on sugar!
How do you lower your sugar intake?

What do you use instead of sugar as natural sweeteners?
Please leave a comment with your responses,
OR for a limited time only, I offer a free 10 minutes phone consultation for those of you with sugar issues or addictions. to schedule an appointment

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Five Finger Grasp on Health

1. Optimal nutrition based on wholesome foods, enzymes and digestive health

2. Filtered, ionized drinking water

3. Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) therapy

4. Infared therapies

5. Emotional, physical and spiritual fitness